We founded Goalplay to foster the development in goalkeeping
and help you to get better every day. 

Founder and Coaches ...

Our team consists of Oliver Kahn, Moritz, Markus and Harry. Together we work on equipment, the Goalplay basic exercises and provide you with essential content about goalkeeping. 

Oliver Kahn

It was always my dream to create a brand that has the Goalkeeper as its only focus. With Goalplay I am coming back to my roots. I will share my experiences with young Goalplayers to make them better, inspire them and to accompany them on their path to success – "further, always further“.


Moritz is the business partner of Oliver Kahn. Together with his team, he is developing and driving the implementation of all products and services for Goalplay.


Markus has a long companionship with Oliver and is one of the best goalkeeper trainers in Germany. For over 30 years, he has traveled the world instructing and educating and has become one of the coaches for the German Soccer Association and its regional areas (DFB). He is a goalkeeping fanatic!


Harry is also an early member of the Goalplay team. He was a goalkeeper coach at the German Soccer Association (DFB) talent program and trains the teams of 1860 Munich. In his youth he played for FC Bayern and took part in the U16 and U17 Eurocup.

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