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The WIRE Professional (PRO) goalkeeper glove
Developed with Oliver Kahn

The WIRE Professional (PRO) glove is the high-end glove of the Goalplay collection.

Featuring our Hydro Foam, a premium Made in Germany latex foam, the WIRE PRO stands for a superior grip, especially in rainy conditions.

This glove comes with everything you need to play on a professional level and compete with the best.


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"Bester Handschuh, den ich je hatte!"

@paulmoritz05, Instagram

"Also ich bin total begeistert von dem Handschuh. Top Qualität, die Passform ist Mega und der Grip ist auch echt super. Daumen hoch für den Handschuh."

Rene Formella, Facebook

"Hab sie selber, sind mega, der Grip ist ausgezeichnet."

Fabian Schröder, Facebook


Choosing the new Goalplay WIRE PRO glove makes you own the perfect matchday glove. It's performance oriented features and the 4mm Hydro-Latex make it a top of the line product. With this glove you will increase your clean sheets - even in rainy conditions!

Magneto Foam Latex-Eigenschaften

1. Force Field™
An injected silicone zone on the backhand, which supports when punching the ball, giving back as much energy as pssoible to the ball. Additionally this zone shall protect your back of the hand as it dampens hits and strokes.

2. Thumb Guard™
The Thumb Guard increases the stability of your thumb. Whereas the rest of the fingers are supporting each other when catching a ball, due to the anatomy of the hand the thumb is always exposed to the highest forces. With the enforcement in this area the thumb get's additional support.

3. Pro Comfort Construction PCC™
A very important request on goalplayer gloves is the comfort when wearing them. As a result of the Pro Comfort Construction of the glove, the whole backhand consists of only one piece. This minimizes seams along the glove and therefor increases the wear comfort. Additionally this increases the lifecycle of the glove as there are less seams that could potentially tear apart.

4. Extended Thumb EXT™
With this construction the palm latex is being wrapped around the inner side of the thumb onto the backhand of the glove. Due to the extended latex area the thumb can perfectly contribute to catching the ball.

5. Ergo Fit™
With Ergo Fit the glove is preshaped in the natural catching position of the hand. This feature therefor makes it easier to catch balls safely.

1. Easy Entry Loop™
The woven loop on top of the cuff makes it easier to put the gloves on.

2. Wrist Support Strap Pro™
The elastic strap supports and stabalizes the wrist. Especially while landing on the hand after a dive or when saving hard shots on the goal the wrist faces high forces. In these cases it get's perfectly supported by the strap.

3. Palm Guard™
Especially tacky latex foams tend to have poor abrasion resistance due to their open-pore surface. The Palm Guard patch, which is attached on top of the palm, is placed in those heavily stressed areas and therefor increases the lifecycle of the glove.

4. Grip Xtension™
Increases the latex area from the palm onto the bandage. With this feature, also not perfectly caught balls can be controlled.

5. Keep Safe™
With Keep Safe, latex is also being used for the gussets of the glove which leads to maximum ball control while catching and throwing the ball.

The ultimate goalplayer bag

Finally a 100% waterproof bag to store your mobile, gloves or a towel. Just clip it into the net of your goal. With the release of the new collection, we are giving away the bag for free and you save 9,99€.
Attention: Please do not store humid gloves inside the bag!


Clip it to your goal


100% waterproof

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