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The WIRE Challenger (CHL) goalkeeper glove
Developed with Oliver Kahn

The WIRE Challenger (CHL) is the perfect glove for intense training sessions.

Removable Flex Guard sticks inside the glove prevent your fingers from bending too much backwards. 

Equipped with our Solid Foam, a premium Made in Germany latex foam, the WIRE CHL is a very resistent glove, even on artificial turf.


ATTENTION: Personalized products are not returnable!

The new Flex Guard system

The protection style of our glove collection combines maximum stability and flexibility with comfort and a generous fit. We recommend this glove for training sessions with high shot frequencies or for minor hand injuries.

Goalplay Flex Guard™

More training, less injuries!

Solid Foam Latex-Characteristics

1. Flex Guard™
Gloves with Flex Guard technology hold removable, flexible sticks inside the glove, which shall prevent your fingers from bending too much backwards. Being flexible forwards, it still allows to grasp which keeps the mobility of your fingers high. For high wear comfort, there is a cushioning layer installed right below the sticks.

2. Thumb Guard™
The Thumb Guard increases the stability of your thumb. Whereas the rest of the fingers are supporting each other when catching a ball, due to the anatomy of the hand the thumb is always exposed to the highest forces. With the enforcement in this area the thumb get's additional support.

3. Ergo Fit ™
With Ergo Fit the glove is preshaped in the natural catching position of the hand. This feature therefor makes it easier to catch balls safely.

1. Easy Entry Loop™
The woven loop on top of the cuff makes it easier to put the gloves on.

2. Pro Vent™
Breathable textile being used between the fingers for excellent ventilation inside the glove.

The ultimate goalplayer bag

Finally a 100% waterproof bag to store your mobile, gloves or a towel. Just clip it into the net of your goal. With the release of the new collection, we are giving away the bag for free and you save 9,99€.
Attention: Please do not store humid gloves inside the bag!


Clip it to your goal


100% waterproof

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