Camouflage Multibag

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Von Oliver Kahn
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10 Funktionen in einer Tasche
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Multifunctional - Backpack, sports bag and holdall in one

Durability - Guaranteed resistant and long-lasting material

Waterproof - Due to lutus effect the bag stays dry on the inside

Camouflage Multibag

Backpack, sports bag and holdall in ONE!
Goalplay presents the first multifunctional sports bag for goalplayer. Sharp design, waterproof and durable material form the best sports bag ever.

10 features in one bag

The right equipment is the first step becoming a successful goalplayer. This bag makes sure you have everything sorted to totally focus on goalkeeping.

1 - Glove compartment

Made of mesh for ventilation

2 - Secret compartment

For your valuables

3 - Side compartment

Store your shoes and a ball


The Camouflage Multibag is made from premium PVC used for outdoor products. The material itself is 100% waterproof. Therefor the inside of the bag is easy to clean. Additionally the bottom of the bag is reinforced with another layer of resistant fabric umaking the whole bag very durable.

4 - DurabilitySchutzmaterial

3 years warranty

Guaranteed resistant and long-lasting material

5 - Waterproof

with lotus effect

The bag stays dry on the inside

6 - Hydrophobic

easy to clean

Hydrophobic material inside of the bag


7 - Multifunctional

Backpack, sports bag and holdall

8 - Name tag

Add your adress for travels

9 - Easy pull zippers

Including the possibility to install a lock

10 - Removable straps

Wear it how you want it

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Not a problem. We have more equipment for you!

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